Coming Up on The Take Off: The ButcherCons + Music Video Launch

The ButcherCons: Jose (guitar), Neil (vox/guitar), Bobby (drums) and Paolo (bass)
Photo courtesy of Dana Picazo

If they weren't named The ButcherCons, this indie garage rock quartet might as well have been called The Handymen. Why? These guys have definitely taken the Do-It-Yourself concept to a whole new level. If they're not recording songs in makeshift home studios, they're probably handwriting the tracklisting of their debut album "Coalesce" or designing band shirts with permanent markers.

The band was formed in 2009 when vocalist Neil and bassist Paolo Bernaldo (also of Moonstar88) met at a surfing party of sorts. The two hit it off right away after a conversation on conspiracy theories. Not too long afterwards, guitarist Jose Tolentino and drummer Bobby Padilla (familiar to most Pinoy rock fans as one-third of Hilera) tagged along, and the gang of four found themselves recording songs mostly penned by Neil in DIY studio set-ups (aka Jose's house and everywhere else).

After two years of jamming and couchsurfing, these crafty boys are proud to present you the kick-ass finished product. The ButcherCons recently released their independently produced first record back in March of this year. "Coalesce" features 11 tracks showcasing a variety of musical stylings ranging from pop-punk to garage rock and even hints of prog rock and electronica. 

We would be lying if we say that the album satisfies all musical palettes. The truth is, it doesn't. And we're quite certain that The ButcherCons wouldn't want to have it any other way. The album was made in a this-is-our-music-take-it-or-leave-it fashion, with a massive "fuck you" (or indifference, if you insist) to popular sensibilities. It was made for people with no musical prejudices, those who deem that a certain song necessitates a scream - that all elements, whether grand or mundane, coalesce to form a record that will certainly blow your brains off.

Here are the Two Difficult Girls' top picks from their debut effort:

We Always Want Something - This one's an easy pick, and we didn't have to temporarily put our friendship on hold to decide that this is our favorite. The track opens with an ear-friendly melody which cheekily transitions into a more identifiably punk sound with its jagged guitarwork. The raddest part would have to be when Neil (first name only, cause he's cool like that) screams with a faux British accent, "Yeah if you want it like this, I'll give you what you want" - seemingly inciting listeners to sedition, so distinct that you cannot help but sing along, or shout along (whichever way you roll). 

Medicine - Here's one unassuming gem of the album. Medicine does not start off with a bang. It does not, forgive our term, grab you by the balls. It's fairly unswerving and does not possess the stand out elements of We Always Want Something, but after a few listens, you'll find the song surprisingly infectious. As if in an entranced state, we caught ourselves automatically chanting along the second time we played it. Similar to its title, it's like a drug that you can't just easily shake off your system.

Someday - With barely audible mumblings of a child (on loop) heavily laden with buzzing, dreamy synths, this song is probably the most experimental, albeit the most challenging to listen to. But when Jose revealed that the guest vocalist is none other than his 3-year old sister, who are we not to gush over the cuteness of it all? 

Don't just take our word for it, though. Go check them out live! If you don't have anything better to do on May 28th, here's your chance to get a taste of The ButcherCons in the raw. Put your tightest jeans on and up your cool factor by witnessing the brand spanking new music video for Medicine (yet another DIY project) as they unveil it at Cafe Saguijo, Makati, 9PM.

Courtesy of Sonic Boom Philippines

No egos, no pretentions, no pressure - just a real gung-ho attitude to making fun and frenzied music you'd want to rock out to.

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