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No labels. Just great music. 

This is the promise of Bootleg Radio, a new website that streams Filipino independent music. Through the initiatives of music lovers and technophiles JP and Danny (surnames withheld at their request and because who needs surnames when you’re this cool? See Also: Flea, Slash, Prince, et al.), this revolutionary online portal brings you tracks from unsigned bands, literally at your fingertips. The site caters to discriminating listeners who want nothing but good music, stripped of the trappings of mainstream culture. Although it is still pretty rough around the edges programming-wise (they just launched last June 11 at Route 196), they already have an impressive roster of indie bands spanning different genres– The ButcherCons, The Camerawalls, Techy Romantics and The Bernadettes among others.

Taking off from the closing of NU 107, the team headed by JP and Danny took an alternative route and went online to provide a venue where unsigned bands can get their music out there. Like NU, Bootleg Radio mimics the radio format, with the content predetermined by its manager. On the other hand, it is also like MySpace where visitors can view band profiles – bio, gigs, songs, the works.

What visitors currently see on the site are not even the tip of the iceberg. During the interview, we got the first dibs on what’s in store for Bootleg Radio in the next couple of months. Aside from more bands, more music and more events, expect their “telejocks” and mobile technology advancements. So what are these telejocks exactly? They are Bootleg Radio’s version of DJs, only they have no DJ booths. In fact, they don’t have an office to go to. They can be heard live even in the comforts of their home, in their torn shirts while sipping their morning coffee. And it seems like the people behind the site it utilizing the limitless potential of the Internet since they are planning to have telejockeys not just in Manila, but in other parts of the Philippines as well. About the technology, well, as much as our techno noob selves can understand, Bootleg Radio is definitely going mobile, developing applications that will make the site more accessible. The specs and other details, we definitely have to watch out for.

Impressed? Well, guess what? You can be a part of it. Any artist, and by that we mean any artist (unless you are extremely profane, vulgar and/or utterly crappy) can get their music on Bootleg Radio. In our interview with the masterminds behind the website, they said that as much as possible, they do not want to alienate other genres. But most of what you will find in the site are variations of indie rock, since more popular genres can get their support from traditional media. So if you do have original, recorded material, and you’re looking for an outlet for your music, you can e-mail them at bootlegradio.manila@gmail.com and they’ll reply with the instructions within 24 hours. Voila! You just might be the next big shot Internet sensation.

Here are some of the bands that performed at the Bootleg-Radio Launch Event held last July 11 at Route 196. All photos taken by the beautiful and talented Kessica Bersamin.

Oh, and don't forget to like the official Facebook page of Bootleg-Radio here.

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